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I chose Adult Pull-On Pants Super Soft for my grandma and I was very amazed to see how good the quality was. The pad is very soft and my grandma looked very comfortable wearing it.
It has always been problematic for me to find a reliable adult diaper product in such a big market in Cambodia until I stumbled across the SunMate platform during this COVID chaos. The product quality seemed alright so I ordered some online. The result? Convenient and definitely worth the try, I am very happy with the SunMate Adult Diaper.
Never heard of the SunMate adult care products before, but saw it on the internet. Tried it and it was easy to use and buy both online and around town.
I have just recently bought the SunMate Adult Tape Diaper. The pricing was pretty reasonable, and I have to say it was not a bad choice either. At first I worried about the potential of leakages, but after my 79-year-old father tried it a few times I realized I was worrying for nothing. The tape and fit of the diaper worked a spell, SunMate has won me over.

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