Consulting Corner

There are 3 Main Types of SunMate product for every customer to choose for:

  • SunMate Adult Tape Diaper: Size M-XL
  • SunMate Pull-on Pants Super Soft: Size M-L
  • SunMate Pull-on Pants Super Dry: Size M-L

Our SunMate Adult Diaper sizes are based on Waist Lengths as follows:

  • SunMate Adult Tape Diaper: Size M-L [75cm to 110cm] , L-XL [100cm to 140cm]
  • SunMate Adult Pull-on Pants Super Soft & Dry: Size M [60cm to 90cm] , L [75cm to 105cm]

SunMate Pull-on Pants Super Soft boasts 4 main features:

  1. Unparalleled surface softness for best comfort.
  2. Maximized airflow to prevent any skin irritation and allergies.
  3. Double leak guards and flexible elastic for 360 degrees leakage protection.
  4. Convenient wear and disposal design.