About SunMate


Our SunMate Adult Diaper brand was created back in 2008 with the mission of taking care of the personal health and hygiene of people experiencing incontinence. Since then we have helped countless people around the world to enter the later stages of their lives in good health and maintaining proactivity. We also understand that taking care of your parents or family members during all of this is no easy task. That is why we hope that with our products we can make incontinence no longer an inconvenience.
Today, SunMate Cambodia has become the number 1 adult diaper brand in the city of Phnom Penh, and we know that this is because “With SunMate, there is always a Loving Connection”.


The Launch of SunMate Brand

Launching SunMate Product Brand name with the pioneering product line of SunMate Adult Diaper.


New Product’s Innovation

The Launch of new Product’s innovation absorbent technology.


Upgrade Quality Product’s Line

Development of SunMate high quality product line SunMate innovative diapers support pads.


Launch 2 New SunMate Adult Diaper Products

The Launch of 2 new SunMate Adult Diaper products known as SunMate Adult Diaper Super Dry & SunMate Adult Diaper Super Soft. - Improved SunMate Diaper Line: Smart Conductive Layer (ADL). - Health Campaign: “Happy Healthy Yoga Day” happened in August 2019. - Another Health Campaign: “Festival for Elderly Health Care” happened in November 2019.


Media Highlight

Media Highlight: “What I want to do” took place in the year of Vu Lan 2020.